ISO 9001:2000
certificate, valid until
February 20, 2010

AQAP 2110
certificate, valid until
May 15, 2009

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This year, 90 percent of all retailers are providing free delivery for at least some online purchases, up from 78 percent in 2014, according to HRC Advisory.
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I love audiences and in my own world of dance, where I've been now for a long time, I love promoting young dancers and choreographers so that's where I am generous
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Children were dressed for the season in tiny suit jackets and Santa Claus suits
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States and local governments have issued about $420 billion of long-term and short-term debt this year, 16 percent more than 2014 and the most since 2012
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Syria, riven by civil war, has a nominally Shia president supported by Iran, while next door in Lebanon the most powerful militia is Hezbollah, also supported by Iran.
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section 370 of the vehicle and traffic law
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Moms and dads simply go easy on their later-born kids, according to data analyzed by economists V
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Most states say they aren’t set up to handle that kind of housing or they lack the facilities
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I have found that being open about my disease normalises it to an extent, and eases the guilt that I feel for my loved ones who will be left behind
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"Not every single owner shows up the first day to get it fixed," he said
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Nepal has blamed New Delhi for siding with the protesters, a charge India denies.
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It is also possible to search for a street address or upload an image
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“This represents to me for the first time an acknowledgment that we were wronged,” said Bruce Golacinski, 65, the former head of embassy security
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The top-3 in that category earn a starting spot in the All-Star game on Feb
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"Maybe because you're so flexible when you're younger, you can spring [and] maybe you don't see that big a benefit in stretching, rest and recovery, icing, all of that
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Google uses two navigation schemes — “stacks” and “pages” — in Android Wear, and these apply to both native and third party apps
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In fact, there is a real danger that we are forgetting the lessons of the last 15 years as hackers hope to catch us off guard.
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Celebrations are taking place in the West Bank town where it is believed that Jesus was born
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"I can't keep topping myself because I'll just combust at some point," she told the Associated Press.
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was fast or that Cam Newton was pretty good.
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government, and that the war on terror is merely a pretext to attack Muslim countries.
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“In 2015, Russian monetary authorities managed to mostly avoid spillovers from the foreign-currency market and keep the financial system afloat and broadly functional.”
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A group of mutual funds that allocate to hedge funds -so-called liquid alternatives - have lost money this year thanksin some part to event-driven managers in their portfolios
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That didn’t leave much time for breakfast at home but training was always a bit strange anyway.
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"The English also had a great attachment to our bedding, going back a few centuries
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It has since spread across the island to Kona, and most recently was confirmed in Ka”u
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"The recent Triumph incident affects all of us," said Christine Duffy, president and chief executive of CLIA, which represents 58 cruise lines worldwide
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"Pregnant women could benefit from early intervention to improve their physical and mental health and reduce the risks associated with sedentary behaviour
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“The Bank of Russia still has the full arsenal of tools at its disposal in case of the crisis deepening,” said Tatiana Orlova, a senior economist at the Royal Bank of Scotland Plc
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Charlotte, North Carolina-based Bank of America managed almost $52 billion of state and local government debt sales through Dec
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