ISO 9001:2000
certificate, valid until
February 20, 2010

AQAP 2110
certificate, valid until
May 15, 2009

Apple Pay will be available to eligible American Express users in both regions next year, Apple said in October

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bus 308 ashford university

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"We had over a 100 phone calls overnight, so we're really excited about all the volunteers

math 213 syllabus

Francis has made the church's message of mercy the focus of his pontificate, and dedicated an entire jubilee year to stressing it

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Also taken were Christmas CDs, puzzles, a television, stereo and 10 walkers.

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Grated cheese has additives to stop it sticking, for example, while bagged salad will go brown significantly faster than a head of lettuce.

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In slowing down two potent offenses, Harvard forced BYU and Auburn to play the half-court style Amaker and company favor

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There are three key technological questions that must be answered to design autonomous vehicles: where am I, what’s around me and what do I do next

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A roughness curve uses the amount of surface erosion to establish each slide’s age

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It's not a heart attack, but worse: The heart abruptly stops beating, its electrical activity knocked out of rhythm

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“It is anticipated this will be completed around June 2016.”

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F--- it, I'm just going to back 'em down.'

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It was taken out of the bill before it passed.

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“Only small distance separates them from us,” he said

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For now the pointer is that Modi and Sharif are on the same page.

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Still, the increase in oil demand over the next five years is expected to be largely met by higher supply from non-Opec producers

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Corsica is largely mountainous; high cliffs and rocky inlets characterise much of its coast

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"The huge impact of MS on patients and the healthcare system has never been so clear

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John Lawlor, the head of Bank of America Corp.’s municipal-bond department, is a graduate of the U.S

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"We open our doors to today's Josephs and Marys

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But help may be at hand from an unlikely source: digital currency Bitcoin.

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The number of people treated for scarlet fever in the past five years has jumped by 136 percent.

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13 deadly terror attacks in Paris that killed 130 and the Oct

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Fuentes, 49, clearly means a lot to the 52-year-old "Don't Mean Nothing" singer

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Another episode that flopped which Obama didn't know about

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The violence began Thursday night, when firefighters responding to an emergency call were ambushed in Ajaccio, according to the local France 3 television

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“The apostate's life and organs don't have to be respected and may be taken with impunity,” according to Fatwa Number 68

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Furthermore, research has shown that sitting for extended periods increases the risk of obesity, high blood pressure and other health problems, such as cardiovascular disease.