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That failure, Alasania argued, is the primary reason why much of the population has lost faith in GD, and in politicians in general

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Police was yet to confirm the identity of the bomber but suspected that the attack was plotted by an Islamist group

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Cuban security personnel detain a member of the Ladies in White dissident group during a protest on International Human Rights Day, Havana, December 10, 2015

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Apple says it’s owed supplemental damages for continued infringement, plus interest, according to a court filing Wednesday.

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He just knows that addiction is a disease that can't be cured by 20 years in prison and that these kinds of sentences cost our society incredible amounts of money that we can't afford

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I think if we understand that, we'll have better expectations of what to expect from government."

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Williams came into Wednesday hot, but missed all six of his shots for two points in 25 minutes

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The provision was buried in the massive spending bill Congress passed last week.

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and Honda Motor Co., and appointed an independent monitor to oversee Takata's response, spokesman Gordon Trowbridge said Wednesday.

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“It would take more than 90 rubles per dollar to provoke significant repercussions,” said Sergey Narkevich, an analyst at Promsvyazbank PJSC in Moscow

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That’s 20 cents less than the average negotiated underwriting spread of $4.8 per $1,000 bonds this year.

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Pneumococcal disease is caused by a common bacterium, Streptococcus pneumoniae, which can attack different parts of the body

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Skeptics say the images are fake

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Hundreds of Cubans are stranded on the border between Costa Rica and Panama, after the government of Costa Rica decided not to give them more transit visas, according to local media

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They told cops at about 7:30 p.m

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On his feet, Jesus would have worn sandals

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The $19,900 price tag also seems a bit much, but I digress.

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At that time, the United States and top donors Britain and Norway said the move "directly contradicts" the government's commitment to the peace deal.

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The collection is housed at the museum's original home, a state-owned building museum officials say isn't climate-controlled and has been showing its age in recent years.

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government briefing called “Lessons Learned From the Abu Sayyaf Raid” follow reports of the brutal practices in ISIS-controlled areas

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Palin's first pregnancy came when she was 17 in 2008 during Sarah Palin's vice presidential campaign

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Our goal is to alert women that especially after the menopause, they are at risk of heart attack and stroke, as much as any man.

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"The offense hasn't changed a lot since Darrelle's left or since Zach Sudfeld has left," Cromartie said

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Also known as allergic rhinitis, hay fever is a seasonal condition

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Now we’re finally here and we’ve got to do whatever we’ve got to do to win.”

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This was followed by the hush-hush meeting between National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and his Pakistani counterpart Nasir Janjua in Bangkok on 6 December

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